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Little Giant Makes Return Visit To Chile

And the Santiago A Mil theater festival comes to a close 

Wishing to be part of the many festivities being planned for Chile’s bicentennial, the 2010 Festival a Mil coordinating committee decided to devote a portion of the festival to “200 Years of Chilean Theater.”  Seventeen productions were selected for this purpose.
The remaining works are a mix of theatrical productions (theater, dance, music) from around the world, as well as the best of Chilean theater from 2009.  Countries represented are Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Spain, France and Germany.

Therefore, it also scheduled a mix of mainstream, experimental and street theater performances staged in various locations throughout the city, free of charge.

Performances already given have been widely successful.  However, it is the return of the “Pequeña Gigante” (The Little Giant) that most Santiaguinos are waiting for.

Author and director Jean-Luc Courcoult and his company, Royal de Luxe, are the people responsible for this hugely successful phenomenon.  The Little Giant has performed in France and Germany and is headed to New York next.

This year “La Pequeña Gigante” will be accompanied by her uncle, Mr. Escafandra.  “La Pequeña Gigante” is 5 meters (approximately 16.4 feet or two stories) tall and her uncle is double her size (approximately 32.8 feet or four stories tall).  This year the little giant is scheduled to have a picnic in O’Higgins Park, play with a geyser and then take a boat ride above the streets of Santiago.  I have overhead many adults tell me they can’t wait till she gets here; forget about how anxious children are.

Visit to the youth program of the Congregation of Valparaiso

The youth program in the Mission of Santiago has continued operating with guitar and Keyboard classes. Several neighbors have approached on this month with their children to participate in these classes. But some of the children are more little (around 10 years). For this, we will do a second group from march of this year. With this way we can work with minor children. We have the hope that through this program the student of music and the parents will visit our worship and can be a connection to our Mission. The interesting is that the parents who bring their children to the classes be showing thankful and asking by the Lutheran Church and also request brochure of our office.


Visit to the nursing “Dos Pinos”

On 17th of December we went with a little group of volunteers to visit the nursing home “Dos Pinos” of our council. This home have 35 elderly with few resources.  Most of elderly have been abandoned by their family, their ages range from 65 and 90 years approximately. This home remains with some state funding and also of the very small pension that have some elderly.  Thank at the social program that our office has we could buy and give their personal items as scarves, colony, soap, towels, adult diapers to every one of them gift it a bowl with a teddy. Also we did take cake, soft candies, and juice. All this food authorized by the administrator of the home. We had a beautiful afternoon with them, as we take a person that play the keyboard and with music of their age, those was in better health, dance, sang and to recite poem together with us.

The Missionary made a little devotional remember the true meaning of  Christmas and remanding that we have the big gift of the Salvation for those who believe in Jesus. All that we went as volunteer to make this event were shocked with their stories of abandonment by their families, just because were poor.

We wish with the help of God back to visit them again and not only that them was remember on Christmas. If we continue with this social program we can visit more and is not necessary bring many gifts. Those elderly want love and company and they read the bible because many of them have poor vision.

Living Manger in the Mission Santiago.

The coordinator and the assistant of the office CPTLN-Chile participated actively in all the activities made by the Mission Santiago in the Christmas program, especially in the Living Manger in the two Missional Points.

Also gave by part of our office some small pockets with candies to all the children of the Sunday School and to all the children that participated in the Living Manger on December 23th and 24th .

Happy New Year 2010

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more about “Happy New Year 2010“, posted with vodpod


Campaigns in Health Centers

In the health centers, we deliver leaflets of social interest, to guide and warn the community on issues they face. All these materials contain Christian orientation.
We also provided spiritual counseling to help people in need.

New Booklet Avalaible: The Third Age

In the recent years, the percentage of elderly in the population has increased. Advances in the field of health, are prolonging the life time of people. This situation raises new problems and challenges to meet the realities of old age.

In this booklet you will understand more about a relative, friend or neighbor who is at this stage, and also to prepare you personally. The love that God offers us in Jesus Christ, is the experience that can make our old age a worth living stage, with the hope for the reunion with the Creator.