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Victim`s houses of earthquake in Santiago

The office staff of our Ministry Center and the volunteers’ missionaries visited the families affected by the earthquake of last February, giving them the spiritual support and also giving them our material help, a contribution that we received from the headquarters Office of LHM in St. Louis, to repair 05 ceilings of houses thast are placed at the “Población Papelera” of Puente Alto community.1abri10 2abri10 3abri10 4abri10

Videos of Holy Week (in Spanish)

Video: Cuan Grande es Él.

Video: De tal manera te amo – Song of Abel Zavala

Message of Holly Week: It didn´t go out in the news.

“Today I have listened to the radio, have read  the newspapers, have been attentive to know what speaks in the streets, in the rows of the buses and have not heard speaking about love. I have strolled around of a side for other one with the ears alerts but nobody has declared the magic word love. I have heard speaking about taxes, about violence, about accidents of famous, about frauds, have heard speaking about football, about politics, but I have not heard speaking about love. I have approached couples and have heard them speaking about money, about cars, about clothes, about properties, about what the others do, about the college of the children, about cinema, about divorce, about problems, but I have not heard speaking about love. I have seen people protest everything; because there are holes in the streets, because it passed a fine, because a politician said something, because the soup was cold, because raised the price of what product don´t know but I have not seen by anyone protest lack of love.  I have crossed with a manifestation but in no placard I could have read the word love. I wonder and ask you what’s up? So insignificantly it is the love that nobody speaks about him, that nobody it misses´´.

Maybe these words have impressed you and you agree with them; is true! Our society, our families and we themselves live to a pace so intensive that we forget which are the really important things, we looking in the wrong places; no one talks about them or simply don´t want to hear. But is really important you know this: the greatest love story that has never written and the most gripping that is found in the bible.

Once again we at the gates of easter; in these days we remember the test of love palpable with what god has for all mankind and mainly for you. For god so loved the world that he gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal live. For god did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. (john 3.16-17).
Jesus Christ loved so much to the world that it was given to yes same by him(it), from his(her,your) rights and privileges as the only and eternal son of god, up to his(her,your) own(proper) life! If you want to see the god’s love, look at the cross. In this the god’s love appeared for with us: in that god sent his only-begotten son, in order that we live for him. Of this the love consists: not in that we have loved god and send his son in propiciación for ours sinned , this  is  god showed his love among us: he send his one and only son into the world that we might live through him(1 john 4.9-10). For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of godis eternal live in christ jesus our lord. (romans 6:23).

That the message of the god’s love could be a news for you and your family. That the dawn of a new sunday of resurrection is a good news in the middle of the sin, the pain and suffering.

That god blesses you and could see in his son Jesus Christ all that loves you. Happy easter of crucifix!

Rvdo. Omar kinas

[1] Taken by the colection Milenium. Radio Milenium, buenos aires, argentina