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The Story of Pablo and his family

Pablo came to communicate with us through the web site of our office, requesting a Bible. After some conversations with him, he got interested in being transferred and began to participate in the Misión Santiago very quickly. After a little time they baptized their two girls, Daniela and Fernando, of 11 and 2 years old respectively.

He and his wife Daniela have also received Biblical instruction, from Pastor Cristian Rautenberg, and both of them have done their profession of faith. Pablo was a volunteer of our office, and a little time later, his wife Daniela also wanted to become a part of it as a volunteer. She later worked as a part time assistant in CPTLN Chile
We thank God for meeting this beautiful family that now professes Lutheran Faith.

Happy day Dad

Why there is not so much marketing for the day of the father? Because the word “father” deplorably many of us today keep quiet. The reasons are several: anger, fault, hate, contempt, uncertainty.

Says always that it has increased the number of alone mothers and singles, this means that also has increased the number of alone parents. But the main is that it has multiplied the number of “alone children”, although also a lot of children have the enormous privilege to can enjoy a beautiful relation and living together with his parents.

Is good to know that all life engendered, from the biblical perspective is a blessing, since so much the motherhood and the fatherhood are presented like a gift of God, although they are badly administered a lot of times.

 Because of the sin a lot of parents today don’t want to recognize this responsibility and this gift than God gave him. If you are a father, and don’t want to recognize to a son, is moment of to reconsider, wasn’t an accident or a chance but that your son is a gift and a gift of God. If you are fallen out, angry with your son, remember that God you gave it.

If you are a son and save resentment to your father by what did you, or by what never did, God calls you to that you forgive it also, remember that you are not judge, but a sinner same that he and for God you are a blessing too.

If you have fault and loads, remembers that you have a Father in the heaven that doesn’t accuse you, but he want that you sorry and sort out your situation with him firstly and also with your children and other people.

 The word father no only in our days produces feelings found, but that in biblical periods also, because of this, the bible says in the Psalm 27:10“Though my father and mather forsake me, the LORD will receive me.”

 God here put like our father, our shelter and is it always, independently if we have or no our earthly father. God also describes his fatherhood to give us fortress and courage in all the moments as like says the Sir Jesus: “Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him¡ (Matthew7:9-11)

 Happy day to all the Dads and also remember that never will be orphan because God adopted us like his children. And if still are fallen out with your God, is moment of reconciled with him. We are to help you, contact us.

Marcos, our music teacher

Music teacher Carlos Medina is the one in charge of the guitar lesson for the the group of people of the Youth Program ‘Music in Santiago Mission. He is a Christian and has had a very good welcome in this program. He even cooperated with the Mission and with our office at the special event for Christmas and its rehearsal, in order to support the group of amateur guitar players, and every musical detail came out just fine.pablx

He says the following: “It is very motivating to meet new people; the Young group is really good. The staff at the LHM office is tender and welcoming, pastors are very accessible people, and it is definitely a very good human group.
Besides, it is the first time that I work in a place where kids can play an instrument even if it is not their own, because they can borrow one here. It is very nice to know that many people donate and help in order to have this done. Blessings”.