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Music Program

In two missionary points of Santiago: La Florida and Puente Alto began with the guitar and electric organ lessons for the teenagers of those missions that forms part of the Youths Program that supports our Ministry Center.
In these classes young neighbors of those missionary points have been incorporated. These music classes have been received very well for these neighbors.4jul10 5jul10 6jul10

Annual Convention of International Lutheran Laymen’s League

On July 2nd and 27th our Director Marianela Bravo traveled to United States, to attend the Annual Convention of International Lutheran Laymen’s League in Omaha´s city, Nebraska. 30 other Directors of all LHM Ministry Centers of the world attended as well.1jul10 2jul10 3jul10

Be Parents

                Be parents is one of the more important responsibilities of the men. Also is one of the more delicate and complex responsibility there exist. That’s why maybe parents feel that they have a huge weight on their shoulders, and also there aren’t who helpers or orient. 

The parents don’t have to feel alone, because in the Heavenly Father they have a role model of have to be a good parent: in Jesus Christ you can find somebody that understand your fights and offers forgiveness and in the Holy Spirit you have someone that guide to good decisions in relation to the children. We can be a good father by also being a good son, not only of the earthly parents, but above all of the Heavenly Father.

The Bible describe to the kids in a wonderful way. Says: “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them!” (Psalm 127:4 and 5)  

Kids are like arrows in the way that these are a symbol of strength and defense. In is old age, parents can trust in that their kids would protect and help . The parents are like bows. A bow is like a flexible rod which strongly strained with a special string. The parents are also in a strong tension: tension of paying bills, tension of educating their kids, tension that teaching how to be responsible, etc. The parents can easily bend, like a bow, by the pressures caused by the pursuit of sustenance and orientation of their children.

If the children are arrows and the parents are bows, who is the bowman? In many Indians cultures, the bowman not only shoots the arrows. Also he does the arrows, the same as the bow. Who is the craftsman that does the children and the parents? There is no doubt that it is God. God want take all the parents and children in His hand, like if they are a bow and arrow, so the children can be directed toward the next generation.

  • The children are arrows.
  • The parents are bows.
  • God is the bowman.

By faith, put yourself in the hands of the expert bowman, so you can hit in target that He has in mind for you and your children. 

Parents, celebrate the joy our parenthood. What a privilege is to participate in the creation and upbringing of our children! What a privilege is teaching our children that they are son of God, thanks Jesus Christ! What a joy being an instrument of God to promote in our kids values that make them be people with integrity! That’s our privilege! That is our sacred responsibility!  

(Article taken from the brochure CPTLN-Chile, “Be Parent”. To read more, request your free brochure)

Educating For Live

educateWe are for nature beings in education. Since we born, even, before we born, there are an interaction with our parents and our environment in search of our personal formation and our social interaction. This is something that we experiment throughout our lives, live which doesn’t have another purpose that to get to be “ourselves”.

Through education we come to live harmony with others, through it we know and learn to respect customs, laws, organizations and everything that makes the form of social life.

Through we open doors to our spiritual realization, realizing our limitations and the existence of a superior being that transcends our human reality and has given rise to the universe.

Thanks to education we can understand that something are missing, and that something, is the love of God offers us in Jesus Christ.

For all this is very important that we deal and worry about education, our education, our loved ones, and that of our society. If we allow God tp be an active part in education, we will probable have it a steady path of growth and maturation to a better quality of life.

(Article taken from the brochure CPTLN-Chile, “Education for Live”. To read more, request your free brochure)


depressionThe depression is not a bad that we can ignore, because, literally, deprive us of the precious life that God wants us enjoy.

Since the first time that was diagnosed, more than 2.500 years ago, hasn’t been able to eliminate the torment that produce and affect so many people, provoking deep havoc in their life. For many experts in this matter, depression cause a bigger suffering that any sickness.

Unable to face the different problems that we are exposed daily, our delicate system doesn’t resist and retreats from reality to defend and shelter, producing often a depressive state that doesn’t allow us to “come out properly”.

One of the major causes of the depression is that we feel separate form the other People. This feeling leaves us without force and without the mood necessary to face the life.

The same happens to our relationship With God. Wanting to live our lives without God’s direction, we parted from Him, and move away from His love.

God, sending His Son Jesus Christ to die for us, clearly showed that he loves us. He suffers to see us suffer and he hurts when we are dejected and depressed by the heavy burdens of life.

The perfect love of God lifts us up, encourages us and inspires us to trust Him above all things. Not that, suddenly, our lives will be free of problems, but we will have the confidence and strength to live because we are sure that God is with us.

One of the best therapy for a depressed person is to study the Scriptures, the Word of God.It isn’t light reading, but a serious study of the Bible.

By doing this, people keep your mind off the depression and what is most important, is face to face with the many and firms promises of God and discover how God’s love motivates us to grow.

Having Jesus as the center of our lives, as a central driver of the same, we have no danger of falling into depression, because Christ illuminates our lives, giving us life in abundance, because He tells us:

“I’m the light of the world; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness.”

(John 8.12)

(Article taken from the brochure CPTLN-Chile, “The Depression”. To read more, request your free brochure)

Visit to Health Centers

We work twice a week on the Health Center handing out different brochures and carrying the Salvation’s Message of Christ to all these people.

Live in solitude

Is possible that live in a society that produces solitude, where the fast changes and the technological advance conspire against the privacy and precipitate the solitude. But also, a lot of people neglect the relationship in his homes, and with his known, to relate with strangers with those who as soon as give to know, expecting discover affinities and to escape like this of his feeling of isolation. But, as it has seen, the human vicinity, by if alone, is not a solution.

The solitude can exist or unchain by diverse reasons and to carry innumerable consequences. But is true also that all person can exceeded the pain of the solitude, if it attains to board an open relationship with God by means of Jesus Christ. With God, thanks to the faith, can to have a strong and sincere relationship, free of funnels and faults. A relationship in which can show us as we are, with our weaknesses, fears and mistakes. A relationship in which have at all that lose and a lot that win.

With God, through Jesus Christ, can have a wonderful relationship that will help us to exceed the solitude and to develop our potential maximum.

“Here love you beside the life

upright and integrated to the society.

Occupying the place that belongs you.

Doing you hear and listening.

Ready to take and to restart the life

Communicating you. Integrated.

Because the solitude suggests sometimes false ways.

Free. Because the freedom does not demand us.

It gives us life”

(Article extracted of the brochure “Live in solitude”)