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Workshop of “Prevention of Drugs and Alcohol for the family”

On August 24th a workshop of “Prevention of Drugs and Alcohol for the family” started in our Ministry Center. The instructor of CONACE that carries out these chats is Mrs. Alma Escudero. This workshop is necessary for our training and in this way to give an appropriate orientation to the different people and especially to orient the families that are affected by Drug and Alcoholism Abuse.5agost10 6agost10

Deaconesses Meeting in Chile

On August 19th and 22nd our Director Marianela Bravo was invited to participate in a Deaconesses Meeting in Talca city, Chile. This event was organized by Iglesia Luterana Nacional de Chile, IELCHI.
Deaconesses from Chile and Argentina gathered, also Mrs. Olga Groh Director of Projects World-Mission -World Relief and LCMS. Mrs. Rita Nickel in representation of LIMM Lutherans in Medical Missions, and Reverend Cristian Rautenberg President of National Lutheran Church, IELCHI.1agos10 2agost10 3agost10 4agost10

Marcos, our music teacher

profMusic teacher Carlos Medina is the one in charge of the guitar lesson for the the group of people of the Youth Program ‘Music in Santiago Mission. He is a Christian and has had a very good welcome in this program. He even cooperated with the Mission and with our office at the special event for Christmas and its rehearsal, in order to support the group of amateur guitar players, and every musical detail came out just fine.


He says the following: “It is very motivating to meet new people; the Young group is really good. The staff at the LHM office is tender and welcoming, pastors are very accessible people, and it is definitely a very good human group.

Besides, it is the first time that I work in a place where kids can play an instrument even if it is not their own, because they can borrow one here. It is very nice to know that many people donate and help in order to have this done. Blessings”.