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Bicentenary Celebration in Chile

In September 18th that just passed, our country celebrated its Bicentenary. Were 4 days of celebration to nationwide. In all our country were celebrated different cultural events, artistic and of entertainment in massive form and where were met thousands of people.

This celebration was emotional and beautiful. We show you in this picture a sample of the event carried out in “Palacio de la Moneda” of Santiago of called: Pura Energía. Puro Chile”.

Social Program

 Were visited 36 elders that live in “Dos Pinos” Elder’s Home of community.  In this event were participated all LHM-CHILE office´s staff, volunteers, and members of Santiago Mission.

To these elders we gave wool socks for they can stand cold of winter and candies bags.  Besides we carried them the Messages of Hope printed with biblical versicles.  Those evangelistic messages were read to each one of them.  It was a very pleasing evening because besides of the accompaniment that we did these elders, the majority of them have been abandoned for their families. We could diffuse the message of consolation of our Lord to them.

In several occasions we have visited this Elder’s Home and these elders as the personnel of that Home receives us with great affection each time that we visit them.  They are grateful with LHM-Chile by the social work that they have received but especially by the personal visits that so much they want.

Bicentenary of Chile

Participation in the celebration of Bicentenary of Chile organized by “La Florida” Municipality, Santiago.

LHM-CHILE staff. Director Marianela Bravo, Assistants Silvana Álvarez, Daniela Oyarzún and Reverends of “Iglesia Luterana Confesional de Chile” Omar Kinas and Cristian Rautenberg (President).

The Elders Home “Dos Pinos”

Visit to the Elders Home “Dos Pinos” that is situated in Puente Alto community. In this opportunity we could talk and share with these elderly people, giving them consolation and also the hope of the salvation in Christ. This Home doesn`t have material resources in abundance, since the great majority of the elders receive small pensions that cover only a part of their basic expenses and others elders don`t have any kind of resources at all.1sept10 2sept10 3sept10

Supporting families of “Puertas Verdes”Camp of Constitution

To participate in deaconesses Meeting and to do work in the south zone of our Country, was a privilege and a wonderful experience. Especially share with sisters in faith.

Our Director In representation of office CPTLN- CHILE/ LHM- CHILE participating of this event for 4 days jointly with deaconesses and representatives of other Lutheran institutions.

I thank you to Iglesia Luterana Confesional de Chile, IELCHI by this special invitation.
With this our organization contributed their experience in work of Holistic Ministry for integral help to people that need it. In this way support them in difficult situation of to be recovered of a touching experience, and dramatic. Of course, it more important is carrying them the Hope Message of Gospel.

We will continue participating in all work of support that carries out Iglesia Luterana Confesional, IELCHI, in south zone of our Country, with help and blessings of our God.

Marianela Bravo