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Seminar for the Prevention of the Alcoholism Abuse

On October 27th our Ministry Center participated of the Seminar for the Prevention of Alcoholism Abuse, organized by the National Department of Youth, National Department of Health, National Department Education and CONACE, all these are state organizations. This day was very beneficial because it helped to establish public relations with other organizations and entities that we didn`t know.5oct10 6oct10 7oct10 8oct10

Health Fair

On October Saturday 23rd a Health Fair was carried out, organized by the Health Center Maffioletti, our Ministry Center was invited to participate with a stand to hand out our brochures and information to all the community of that place. We emphasize that we were the only external organization guest participating, because our organization has been working a long time in that health center.1oct10 2oct10 3oct10 4oct10

Single Mothers

It is true that the responsibilities on a single mother are more intense that those that bear the parents that live and they work together in the upbringing of their children. But recalls, your happinesses can be doubly magnificent also; your tears will not be in vain.

You can build a stable home and a family with harmony. Your children will grow with maturity and self-esteem thanks to your dedication and constancy. They recalled you, not by the material things that you have supplied them, but because they will know that have loved them and that have sacrificed many things for their well-being. They will grow up healthy and they will be able to be realistic, responsible, and comprehensive adults because have been faced really and they have shared the bitter and happy hours with you.

But above all, your children will reckon you if with bravery and constancy you have included to God in your life and in theirs. Commission daily your person and the well-being of your family to the care of Jesus. He helped you to have a home where reigns love, work and happiness.

We finalize this brochure citing the “Letter to a single mother” written by a volunteer of the Anonymous Movement by the Life, of the center for pregnant women of Santiago of Chile.

“It prepares his arrival with flowers, girl. Don`t you continue crying. Be brave as a mother. Don`t you continue crying; look at that God of life is rocking a boy into your insides. Other they condemn you; God has listened your prayers and forgives you. A son never is an error: is life; is a beautiful truth. It leaves that be born of you the admirable ministry of a human being. It prepares his arrival with flowers in your heart. You don`t despair. You don`t believe abandoned. Have faith, smiles again. You show to your son the force of a woman. That he sees your eyes purified; that feels your certain hands.

God doesn`t want nine months of crying and of doubt. He wants to see you to walk towards life, seeking the peace, the wisdom, the harmony. With those discreet twigs you go doing your nest. It learns with your boy to live the happy secret of the silence. I think, girl that by your road chance meeting comes Jesus of Nazareth. He greets you docile and respectful. Perhaps your boy jumps him from joy in your insides. Goes! Walks with him; fights, screams, sings. That all entire world know that this new flame is going to be born, is meat of your meat. And, when it be born, you take care of well, is yours and is of God.”

Cheer single mothers up

Put heart to her maternity!

(Article extracted of the brochure of CPTLN-CHILE, “Single Mothers”. If he desires to know more he requests his free brochures.)

Strength in Difficult Times

The great French painter Pierre Renoir returned paralytic by the arthritis and he remained eventually confined to a wheelchair. Although his hands were deformed, still he could paint, but only at the cost of hardly pains. A day a friend observed as he painted, bearing a painful agony with each brushstroke. Deeply it touched, the friend asked: How can you paint feeling such torture? Renoir explained: The pain passes, but the beauty remains.

The suffering in this world will continue. Our suffering can be very unjust, consequence of our actions, or simply not to have an answer that satisfy our anxieties. But the Christian knows that still in the most intense pain and the deepest sadness, God never they abandoned us.

It can be that through our suffering God prevent us and call did us to He, as well as can occur that He is disciplining us for ours well. The certain thing is that He us guide in the difficult moments.

Why do we suffer? Perhaps never we will know it, but yours promise is that never will defraud us. Recall, a good explanation of the why do we suffer will not alleviate the pain; our consolation and hope only is found in God.

Therefore, “…the sufferings of the present time are not swum if we compare him with the glory that we will should to see later” (Romans 8:18). A day we will look at backwards and we will see that our time of affliction was only a brief prior period to the glory of the eternal life in heaven, next to God, our Celestial Father. We know, by the example of Jesus, that God can give us through every grief, tear or misfortune, something really good for our life.

Never forget it, darling reader:

The pain passes, But the beauty remains!

(Article extracted of the brochure of CPTLN-CHILE, “Strength in Difficult Times”. If he desires to know more, he requests his free brochures.)