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Nevertheless, for some people another reality exists. These beverages trap silently and without mercy to thousands. Consuming beverages without no control, damages the spiritual, mental, and physical health, affects the employment, family, and destroys the social and individual life of alcohol-dependent individuals.

For centuries the humanity has celebrated the life, offering love, happiness, and the success with a cup in the hand. For many people, beer, wine, the liquor or any another alcoholic beverage, is synonym of diversion and happiness.

It costs a lot to admit the alcohol abuse and the damages that causes, especially to the person trapped by this; and is even but difficult to help that person to wanted to be cured. But to act to time can save the person and to his family before be too late. Always there is hope. God does not give the back to our problems more well teaches us and qualifies to confront them with value.

Each year, thousands of alcohol-dependent individuals looking for the way to stop drinking. Some they find it. The great majority, nevertheless, is a victim of the “myth of the fast healing”. They have been persuaded that if alone the correct words say, do the wise prayers or find the person indicated, its habit will disappear miraculously.

The alcoholism is a problem of the integrate person and the Treatments of its extensive damage requires of a lot of effort, training and time. It is difficult to overcome the habit, but today they exist but of a million men and temperate women sobriety that, by the glory of God, they continue a rigorous program of alcoholism Treatments.

For to be able to participate in that process of recovery we should do us several questions and to be willing to change our opinion regarding some of them. God this willing to help to change our way of life, because for God, there is nothing impossible.

Drug Addiction

The drug addiction is difficult to face, perhaps by that tendency that we have of “get we overexcited” Of any thing in search of security, and finally we finish slaves of her… or of ourselves.

For some, the drugs are a problem of people of bad life, or the resource of those that lost the desires to continue seeking a reason to live, or of the ones that never they learned to solve their problems.

For other drugs are diversions, a hobby, an evasion, fashion, nothing more. Also they are who they see them as one of the better business, and they deceive to those that by one or another reason, never had they found the way to live at liberty.

This brochure intends that all we unite in a proclamation of the true liberty: liberty of spirit. Whether helping who this enslaved to the drugs, preventing in our family, in schools and in society, knowing the problem and its causes, or besides all the things, maintaining our heart more close possible of God, who teaches us live at liberty with the example of its son Jesus. We learn live at liberty?