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Bulimia and Anorexia.

“I Am fat, I have rolls of fat, 39 kilograms is too much” Is the thought that appears in Ana Laura (17 years) each time that looks to the mirror.  She believes that her mother lies him when she indicates him that she is too thin.  The scene is repeated time and again in different environments.  María, Andrea, Soledad or Juan Manuel, are youths that are encouraged at last to remove to the light their problem.  For some Bulimia, for other Anorexia, both are demonstrations of eating disorders that can bring serious consequences if does not treat them to time.

The care of the corporal image to is stopping being a question only esthetics to transform into a serious problem of health.  A clear example of it is the great increase, among the adolescents of Argentina, of the Bulimia cases and Anorexia.

The figures enlarge in drastic form and, according to a recent study carried out by the “Asociación de Lucha contra la Bulimia y Anorexia” (ALUBA), one of each 25 youths in Argentina suffers from Anorexia or Bulimia.  (It fits to clarify that the percentage of these illnesses trebles that of the United States and that be the more the high world.)  And according to the WHO, the mortality rate for both illnesses is between the 5 and 15% of the population affected.

The diffusion that charged these illnesses in the mass media was the starting point to begin to travel the road of solution to an old problem, that each day adds new names to the list of who suffer it.

In this brochure we want to inform to the families on the causes, consequences, prevention and medical treatment of these illnesses, and we want to do it since a spiritual focus, keeping in mind the Gospel of love of Jesus.  Because though Bulimia and Anorexia are illnesses that are expressed through eating disorders, they have their origin in problems of much deeper appraisal.  And in the love, pardon and acceptance of God is where all, and in this case the youths, we can fortify and to increase our self-esteem.

Biblical Courses “Hacia una Nueva Vida”(Into a New Life)

Rev. Cristian Rautenberg started the Biblical Courses: “Hacia una nueva Vida” (“Into a New Life”) to 05 new people. These people show great interest to continue this study and also to confirm in our Lutheran Church.4fabri11 5fabri11

Training to a new member with the workshop “Equipping the Saints”

A new member of the Mision-Santiago was trained with the workshop “Equipando los Santos” (Equipping the Saints, ETS). This member will be a volunteer of CPTLN-Chile and will deliver the message of hope to his family, friends and neighbors.2fabri11 3fabri11

The 50th anniversary of “Colegio Luterano Concordia

On April 29th our director attended the 50th anniversary of “Colegio Luterano Concordia” (Lutheran School), in Valparaiso city. In this event Cptln-Chile was recognized with an award for all the help and support that are always given to this educational community.1-2fabr11 1fabr11