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Launch event for the brochure: “Nosotras Las Mujeres” (“We Women”)

The 31th of May we realized a launch event for the brochure: “Nosotras Las Mujeres” (“We Women”). This event was held in two mission points of Santiago: La Florida and Puente Alto. Women of the Mision-Santiago and other women that do not attend to any church visited us in this opportunity. Besides, a nutritionist gave a talk about obesity and the dangers of this illness.5may11 6may11

Visit to the Nursing Home ‘Dos Pinos’

On the 27th of May the staff from our office and a volunteer visited the elderly people of the Nursing Home “Dos Pinos”, as part of our social program. In this opportunity we gave a bulletin board with pictures of them and the logo of our institution.3may11 4may11

Let us pray for Margarita

Margarita Works at the Public Relations Department in a Health Center. She has always been very kind to welcome us, and also to make our work in that place a lot better.cvmay11
Every time we talk with her, she confesses that she did not have God in her life, and that she believed in Him in her own way. When months passed by, our office’ Director started talking and becoming friends with her. Margarita became interested in every one of our brochures, and she sends patients to our stand to be received.
A few weeks ago, she asked for a Bible, because she had never read one, and since our brochures have biblical passages, she needed it to expand her understanding. She was given a Bible, and now she reads it in a regular basis, and also asks about anything she does not understand.
She has showed a change in her life and realized that the real teaching is within God’s words. She has told us that all the received material has been very helpful. Let us pray for Margarita to stay in this path and can soon get closer to our church.

Holistic Program in health centers

Every week we work in the Holistic Program in the Health Center of the La Florida district, handing out brochures and flyers and giving the message of hope to all the people of this health centers.1may11 2may11

Educate for Life

The education is a very important theme.  Of her great part depends of what happen in our life.  Through her we develop our capacities, we know the way of life and the culture of our society, and we receive the media and tools to live and to develop us in relation to other people.

Besides, it is a theme that, of one or another way, in some moment of our life worries us, whether because we think about our education, or in the education that we desire for our children.

Worry that is seen reflected in a series of questions that we are used to doing:  We are taking advantage of the possibilities of growth that have?  We are educating us in all the areas of our life?  We are educating well our children?  We are offering him all the love and comprehension that need for his development?

And perhaps also, many of us we have us, or we are asking us, ¿that serves to have education? Or perhaps, some they go a little beyond and they were asked:  What is to have education?

In this brochure we want to be in charge of these and other questioning on the education that surely, they are, they were, and they will be part of our life.  But we want to be in charge of the theme, not only since the pedagogical aspect, but also since the spiritual aspect, since is God, the creator of the universe, who the life gives us, the capacity to develop us and to be happy in the same one; and who gives us the children and the capacity to accompany them in their growth.