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Campaign of prevention of Illicit Drug Abuse

On the 30th of June “CONACE” organization invited us to participate in a campaign of prevention of Illicit Drug Abuse, this was especially for young people. This campaign that CPTLN-Chile attended to was made in front of “La Florida City Hall” and we had our own stand where we offered brochures and flyers.5jun11 6jun11

Lecture of the Pastor Omar Kinas in the Misión –Maule

On the 17th, Rev. Omar Kinas, who is in charge of the Mision-Maule, of the cities Talca and Constitucion in the south of Chile, gave a speech using our material brochure: “Depression”.3jun11 4jun11

Annual Meeting of the Lutheran Church of Chile (IELCHI)

On the 18th of June the Lutheran Church of Chile (IELCHI) held its Annual Meeting. Our Director of CPTLN-Chile was invited to inform the activities of our office. In this opportunity our director made a Power Point presentation about the work and programs of the organization to all the guests.1jun11 2jun11