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Seminary by ‘Previene’(‘Prevent’ office)

On the 22th of December our Director of CPTLN-Chile took part of a seminar by the “Previene” office that it is dependent of “CONACE”. This seminar had de objective of analyze alternatives and give suggestions to fight the problems of drug addiction and alcoholism in this community.4dic11

Living Manger

On the 18th of December was represented or acted the “Living Manger” in the Mision-Santiago with all the children of this Mision, this was acted in a near little square. Our office cooperated in this activity giving ice cream and candies to all the kids that went to this event. Also we handed out flyers that have our material.2dic11 3dic11

Visit to the elderly Home “Dos Pinos” and construction of a Little multifuntional room

On the days 3th, 14th and 17th of December, the staff of our office CPTLN-Chile visited the Elderly home “Dos Pinos”, as part of the evangelistic social program. These visits have the purpose of fraternize and giving the message of Christ to the elderly people. In addition we are cooperating in the construction of a small multifunctional room for this nursing home. This is a sympathetic contribution that takes part the Mision-Santiago, CPTLN-Chile and the collaboration of others benefactors.1dic11

A new volunteer

This month, a new volunteer has joined us at the social program work. She has sent us her story:xim
I have participated in the Lutheran Church for many years now. I was invited to volunteer at the CPTLN Chile office in the social program. For me, it was a marvelous experience to share some time and being able to help this elder people. I was really hoping to help any fellow, but I didn’t know how to do this effectively. I want to keep on helping this people, and giving them all the love and support they need, and of course giving them the Savior’s Word. I like what you all do for the people. God bless you and keep on with this work. I will try to spread this and bring more people closer to this work”