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Delivery ‘Bibles for Children Around the World’

Was delivered the last Bibles, as part of the project: ‘Bibles for Children of the World’. The benefited children live in the population Villa Perú, close to our Ministry Center.

Meeting with different communal leaders that are involved in the health area of the south east area of Santiago

Our Ministry Center was invited to participate of this meeting as the only Christian NGO that supports and works in this area in the Health Centers of the community. Our Director represented our organization in that event.3ene 4ene

Comfort to overcome depression

Mrs. Leontina has received several of our brochures at the Health Center where we work with the Holistic Program. She is in undergoing psychological treatment for depression and these brochures have been a great help for her.

Now Mrs. Leontina has said to us: “I thank for all the help that you have offered to me, especially for the personal evangelism that the staff of this Christian organization gave me”.