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The Elders Home Dos Pinos

This month the staff of our Ministry Center visited to the elderly people of the Elders Home “Dos Pinos”, like part of our Social Program. In this occasion were read different Biblical versicles to the elders and we brought them candies bags. Furthermore we pray for the health of all these abandoned elderly people. 3feb2feb4feb

Pray for Sofia and her family

Mrs. Sofía received the brochure “El Alcoholismo” (Alcoholism) at the Health Center where we work through the Holistic program.
This brochure has been very useful for her to understand more about the problem that her two adult sons suffer from: Alcoholism. This mother suffers for the family problems there occur inside the household because of this.
She has also asked us for the brochure: “La Depresión” (Depression). Mrs. Sofía has told us that she put those materials near her sons, so they can have a chance to read it and then realize about the serious disease they undergo. Though she has not seen positive results, she is very faithful that with God’s help her sons can overcome this addiction.
Mrs. Sofia is a Christian mother, and she is very grateful for our help given with these brochures. She has asked us also to pray for her and for her sons.

Visit of the Rev. James Tino, representative of Global Lutheran Outreach.

The Rev. James Tino visited the Misión Santiago and also our organization. Our Director, Marianela Bravo talked with the Rev. Tino and she told him about the activities and work that the Ministry Center in Chile does together with the Misión Santiago and with all the National Lutheran Church.1feb