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Special Seminar Las Desgracias

Our Director was invited to participate in a special seminar given by Professor Marcos Kempff to help people that suffer different kinds of crisis. This workshop was carried at the Maule Mission in the city of Talca.3may 5may


Our staff is working every week in the Misión-Puente Alto handing out brochures and flyers. This work is for reaching neighbors in this mission point.1may 2may

Communal Leader Voluntary work

Mrs. Fresia Fernández is a very active communal leader who participates in different health entities in La Florida community. fre
She knew the mission and the Director of our organization in the meetings that are held in the community Health Centers. Mrs. Fresia has not participated in any church for a very long time; for this reason, she felt a need to request several of the brochures of our Ministry Center. Even more importantly, a short time ago, she also asked for a Bible, and we provided a special edition with the Catechism by Lutero.
The Director of our Ministry Center, Marianela, meets with Mrs. Freesia often. They discuss God, life and the Bible. This way, Fresia receives evangelism very pleased. She has declared in many occasions: “You do a very important work for the community and above all, you deliver to all them a great help in the spiritual part. This has also worked for me. Continue ahead and I will cooperate with the work and mission that you carry out.”