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Health Fair

Participation of our Ministry Center in: “Día Internacional de la Prevención del Consumo de Drogas” (“The International Prevention`s Day of Drug abuse”) organized by “Senda” and “Previene” offices La Florida city hall. In this health fair we handed out brochures and we shared the message of hope1amcjun12 2amcjun12 3amcjun12

General Assembly

Our Director has taken part of the General Assembly for Leaders of different entities, from the “Consejo de Desarrollo Local” (Council of Local Development of the Health) Center Maffioletti.4amcjun12 5amcjun12

Comfort and Peace

margaritaMargarita was one of the coordinators that worked for several years at the San Rafael Health Center. Through our brochures, she was very interested in our Ministry Center’s work, and she facilitated in many ways and gestures our work in this Health Center.
Unfortunately, she became ill and was hospitalized for about two months. She died, after a complicated procedure, two weeks ago. Margarita and our Ministry Center Director became very close, but Margarita was clear and direct to say she believed in God in her own way, and did not attend any church at all.
However, a few months ago, Margarita started reading the Bible, which was a gift for her from our Ministry Center, especially dedicated.
In her hospital bed, Margarita asked people to pray for her and her family. She also requested a visit from Pastor Cristian Rautenberg. Later, this Pastor, leader of the Santiago Mission, headed the funerary service at the cemetery.
We strongly believe that Margarita embraced God in her last moments of life, which fills us with a humble satisfaction of having fulfilled with joy the heart of someone who was lost and without a Church for so many years, through the Salvation message from our Lord. We thank God for Margarita accepted the comfort words of resurrection in her last days with us.