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The Marta´s Story


Mrs. Marta is a patient at Maffioletti Health Center, where our Ministry Center has worked with the Holistic Program weekly. She has requested to us several of our brochures, such as the ones related to Depression, Living with Someone Who is Ill, Senior Citizens, and more. She has a very sick daughter, who has suffered from depression and she lives with her old mother. Their lives have been very hard and complicated.
Marta has shared with us the following: “These brochures have been of great help to understand the problems that I have in my home. I like them a lot and I read the biblical versicles that are inside the material and that help me in the spiritual side of me. Now, I pray to God so that He will give me the strength to continue ahead. Thanks for giving all this help to me”.

Misión -Maule

1amcago12 2amcago12 3amcago12The Reverend Omar Kinas, together with members of the Misión-Maule Talca city has taken part in the Local Traditional Festival of the city, handing out brochures and flyers of our Ministry Center to reach responses, referrals and future connections for the growth of this mission point.