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New Volunteer and Donor

Luis is Delfina’s son, which was one of our conections and thank God is already a member of the Santiago Mission of the Lutheran Church
Little by little, Luis started to relate with our Ministry Center, for he was interest in the work we make, and also because of how well his mother felt. lui
“I have read many of the brochures that you give, and several of these topics have helped me to solve personal issues. I am thankful for meeting you, because I believe you all help many people selflessly. Keep on and God bless you”.
Luis is now a connection of our Ministry Center to the Santiago Mission, and has committed as a volunteer and also as a donor.

Social Program- Nursing Home “Dos Pinos”. Misión Santiago.

This September our Ministry Center had five new volunteers that worked in the social program with the elderly people of the nursing home “Dos Pinos”.
In this special occasion a bible was donated to many of the elderly in the nursing home, and the volunteers read Biblical verses that were commented in the group.1amcsep12 2amcsep12