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“Encuentro Nacional De Niños Luteranos 2012” (Lutheran Child Gathering) organized by Misión-Santiago

On October 19th and 20th, a special activity took place in Santiago, the “Encuentro Nacional de Niños Luteranos 2012 (The National congress of Lutheran Children 2012). There were many entertaining activities. In this event the staff our Ministry center assisted and worked altogether with the members of the Misión- Santiago3amcoct12 4amcoct12

Music Program “Melody”

This Program was supported by our Ministry Center, with guitar lessons for young neighbors of the Maule Mission in the city of Talca. The young people also listened to the devotionals in charge of Pastor Omar Kinas.  2amcoct121amcoct12

A break to visit us

Mrs. Teresa works as a cleaning lady in a Health Center. Her work is very hard and she has a long work day.ter
Every week, she asks us for different brochures, especially those who offer some help on family issues. Teresa takes a few minutes from her break and visits us in our stand in that Health Center. She has talked with us about some of the family problems she is going through. She has said that these brochures have been very helpful in order to have more orientation, and also because she is very fond of the biblical passages inserted there. Despite being a poor woman, she always gives us some money for these materials. She has confessed to us: “I like these brochures very much, I read them all, and have been really useful to improve my life and also with important decisions. I share some of them with friends, too. Thank you all for being so kind and for helping me with these brochures. God bless you all.”

Social Program in Misión-Talca

Our Ministry Center-Chile is supporting and helping a social program especially for neighbors women of the Misión-Talca area, that it is located in south of Chile. In this program are made crafts lessons to make little items or souvenirs. These items can be sells to help as a little economic contribution to the families of this group of women. Furthermore in every lesson or reunion the women listens a devotional in charge of the Pastor Omar Kinas, which is the missioner in charge of this mission-point. This program has been successful and has already been made many connections, besides these women demonstrated great interest to participate in other activities or program of our Ministry Center-Chile.  522_n 3562_n