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Contribution in Local Radio Broadcast

The Director of our Ministry Center, Mrs. Marianela Bravo, receives a weekly invitation to participate local radio show broadcast. Such offer was made by the leaders of varied health centers from La Florida, in Santiago city.5306
Within this radio program or space, our Director mentions to people the necessary info to know regarding the programs, materials, and the mission of our organization. She seizes this instance to spread the Message of Hope, through the reading of extracts from brochures, to all the listeners of that radio. We sincerely thank our hosts and wish to keep on participating, so as to be able to develop our Ministry Center.55217

Social Program: Elderly Residence Home in Santiago City

Our Ministry Center is currently supporting an Elderly Center in the city of Santiago, through an evangelist social program. Inside this home, thirty elderly live, which have very precarious economic situations. Many of them have been literally abandoned by their families. When we get to visit them, we bring them little gifts, but most importantly we share with them the reading of biblical passages. These grandpas and grandmas get very happy with our visits, for they feel accompanied and receive with much joy the prayers and the reading of the Bible.
We sincerely thank every donors, because with their selfless and generous help, this beautiful work can be actually done.

Special Event Christmas Handicrafts Workshop

Program for women supported by our Ministry Center in Misión- La Florida, Santiago city. The devotionals are in charges of Pastor Cristian Rautenberg.4mncnov12 5mncnov12 6mncnov12

New member of the working staff of our Ministry Center-Chile. Mrs. Adriana Droguett


Special Event Handicrafts Workshop

Special Program for Women that is supported by our Ministry Center in Misión-Maule, Talca city. They also listen to the devotionals given by the Rev. Omar Kinas with great interest.1mncnov12 2mncnov12

Health Center Patient.

Mrs. Julia has been a response of our Ministry Center for quite a while. She always visits us at Maffioletti Health Center and she has asked us for different brochures regarding family and social themes. She is a recent widow, who is now taking care of her elderly mother.
Julia has commented the following to us: jul
“I like so much the brochures that you deliver. These reading materials have helped me a lot, especially when I have been with many problems. They have also helped me to see life in a more positive way. Although I am going through a deep depression, I know that I will overcome it completely. I thank for all the material that you have given to me, because I now understand what God desires from us”.