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To understand and to accept the death

Mrs. Margarita asked for the brochure: “La Muerte” (“Death”) in one of the health centers that we work weekly.
She and her family need consolation for the tragic death of her two brothers.
Margarita wanted to know what happen after the death. Even though she is catholic she does not has a clear idea about the afterlife and she does not understand this process.
We believe that this brochure will help Margarita and her family to understand and to find comfort through the Message of Hope of our Savior written on this brochure.
Furthermore Margarita requested that we will pray for her and the rest of her family for God will give them strength and consolation in their lives.

Our Director participated in the inauguration of a new radio Program

Our Director received a new invitation to take part in other communitarian radio program. Our Director accepted this invitation and she took part in the inauguration of this new communitarian radio. 1macene13 2macene13

New connection of our Ministry Center

On October 2012 we met Mrs. Isabel at the health center where we work every week. She asked for the brochure “Vivir en Soledad” (Living in Loneliness) on that occasion.
Isabel also told us that she needs spiritual counseling because she was very alone since her older sons no longer live with her.
Pastor Rautemberg went to her house and he invited her to the worship at Misión-Santiago. Now Isabel participates usually at the worship on Sundays and she already is a connection of our Ministry center to the local church.

Besides all this, she is taking part in the biblical lessons dictated by the Pastor of this mission point.
Also Isabel has taken part in the handicraft Christmas workshop on December organized by our Ministry Center.
Isabel said to us: “I feel very happy because I feel accompanied by the brothers of the mission and the most important is that I have reunited with Christ as my Savior”.1ene13