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The first “National Lutherans Ladies Gathering Chile 2013”

On March 23th our Director attended to the first “National Lutherans Ladies Gathering Chile 2013” carried out in the Congregación “Cristo Redentor” of Viña del Mar city. In this event she spread the mission and objective of our organization. That presentation was very good received by the audience.em1em2

The visits of Rev. Nilo Figur (March 20 and 22)

Between March 20th and 22nd the LHM Regional Director of Latin-American and Caribbean Rev. Nilo Figur visited to us. The schedule was intense and took advantage for our Ministry Center. We emphasize the activities more important: meetings with our Director and the President of IELCHI, Rev. Cristian Rautemberg, with the assistants of our Ministry Center, participation and attendance to the devotional of Misión Santiago.vdn1 vdn2

Story of Mrs. Sofía

hs1Mrs. Sofia visit to us every Tuesday in one of the health centers where we work with the literature program. She is widow and she lives alone. Sadly she can not to walk and she uses a wheelchair.

Her entertainment is to read and she request two brochures every week. To Sofia to read these brochures of different social and family matters has been a great helping. She comments to us the following: For me to read these brochures are a joy because they entertain and I can to know more than what happens to my around, since by my illness of my legs I can not leave of my house. Besides I can to read the bible verses to learn about the Bible. Thanks for help me with these brochures.
Sofia, besides of her verbal gratitude she delivers every week a little donation.

Understand and Accept Death

Claudia is a patient at the health center where we work weekly. She has been taking care of her sick and disabled mother for many years, and this is one of the main reasons of why Claudia suffers from depression, because she said to us that she does not have a life of her own, and she is not happy, even though she loves her mother.

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The Brochures that Claudia asked for were: “Depression” and “Living with a Sick Person”. In this opportunity we took the chance to encourage her and give her the Message of Hope.

We will pray for Claudia, so God gives her the strength and also that she can find peace and calm in her life.