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Literature Program: Publication of a new brochure: Bulimia and Anorexia

00_Portada Bulimia-Anorexia-01

Participation in the Health Fair in the Florida commune, Santiago Chile

Our Ministry Center-Chile was invited to participate in the Health Fair, organized by the Health Center “Fernando Maffioletti”, on the 20th of April .
In this Health Fair we delivered our materials especially brochures with topics about family and social themes, to all the neighbors of this commune that went to our stand.
Thanks God we had the chance to spread the Message of Hope to all the people that went to this event and we also invited to participate in our programs of the Ministry-Center Chile.
Besides in this event we could establish public relations with community and municipal leaders who attended in this Fair.feriafs2fs1 feria2

Ministry Center – Chile Community Radio Program: A better living

On april 3rd the radio program of our ministry center officially started: A Better Living, broadcasted by the community radio The Sun of La Florida. This radio show is to be broadcasted every Wednesday between 12.00 and 13.00 hrs. the format of the show is the following:
Start with the reading of a Message of Hope, with a biblical verse and a daily prayer.
Every useful news related to Health Issues is read and informed to auditors. Later, we comment a brochure from our Literature program, and all of our programs are distributed and informed as well, inviting every auditor to participate.
Reading of chilean quotes and sayings, and their origins and meanings.
At the end of the show, there is a reading of a second Message of Hope, plus a biblical verse and a goodbye prayer.
This radio show has three intervals of classical music. The host of the show is our director Mrs Marianela Bravo, and with the contribution of our volunteer Mrs. Fresia Fernandez.
The show has been welcome by neighbors and auditors from the zone, who are used to call to the radio to express their opinions and positive comments.prad prad2