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Confirmation in the Mission-Santiago of a contact and connection of our Ministry Center- Chile

On the 19th of May, Mrs. Isabel Troncoso did her confirmation of Faith in the Mission-Santiago.
Mrs. Isabel came to our Mission by our literature program in a Health Center of our community.
We thanks to God because now Isabel is part of our Chuch and also she is a volunteer of The Ministry- Center Chile.conf1 conf2

Program: Biblical Text Messages Sending

This program has the objective of sending text messages to cell phones, that discuss and quote biblical verses once a week, directed to different people, especially those related and participating in the church. These people have asked previously to be a part of this program.
We have had a very good reception, for at the same time these people have sent answer messages, thanking and transmitting the joy of receiving these messages weekly, something that has cheered up their daily lives. We thank God for reaching them with their word, through this program.

Text messaging cell phones: Bible Verses.


Answers to the Text Messaging



Annual Workshop of Regional Directors CPTLN – LHM

Between the 23rd and 30th of April, the Director of our Ministry Center participated in the Annual Workshop of Regional Directors CPTLN – LHM from Latin and Central America in the City of Antigua, Guatemala
This was a training, formational, developmental and informational workshop regarding diverse topics from LHM, central office, and of the developing programs in each Regional Ministry Center. The experience was interesting and prosperous. Besides, it was a very good chance to greet and mingle with all the attending Directors.
This conference was directed by Rev. Nilo Figur, Regional Latin America Director, and Rev. Douglas Rutt, International Director, both from Lutheran Hour Ministriestall tall1 tall2