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Literature Program: Handing out of Brochures in Health Centers

Weekly the whole staff of our Ministry Center goes to two health centers in the commune La Florida, handing out brochures to the patients and families of them that are in those places.
These brochures are guidance, orientation and counseling about differents social topics and trends. Besides, all these brochures have bible verses.
The more solicited brochures are: La  Depresión, Vivir en Soledad, La  Drogadicción, El Alcoholismo, Conviviendo  con un enfermo, La Tercera Edad. (The Depression, Living in Loneliness, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Living with a sick person, Elderly age)
Besides of handing out the brochures, we give consolation, encourage, and most important the Message of Hope, to all the people. With these actions we do the personal evangelist to our helpless neighbor, especially in the spiritual.jun-26

Brochures to Help Marta

Marta has to take care, at home, of her sister who has senile dementia, and also of her 26-year-old daughter who is very ill, with a severe neurological damage. All these situations have affected Marta very much, because she has to be alert all the time, for the illness of both her family members. Marta has asked for our brochures and our literature programs several times, which are available in the health centers that we work at. She thanked us for the brochures, which helped her to understand and to overcome this hard situation she is going through. This time she asked for the brochure “Us Women”. Marta has asked us to pray for her, so God can keep on giving her strength. She also asked to be sent text messages with biblical verses, for she wants to know more about God’s word.

Participation in an Event: Civil-Government

The Director of our Ministry Center took part of an especial event organized by the La Florida Municipality, for the launch of a new government program of Chile: “Elige vivir más Seguro” (“Choose to live more Secure”). This program is for the development and improvement of the quality of the life of every citizen.
In this especial event attended the President of Chile, Mr. Sebastián Piñera and his wife the First Lady Mrs. Cecilia Morel. Besides, also attended: ministries, mayors and others government authorities. In this occasion our Director was accompanied by the Rev. Cristian Rautenberg, President of the Lutheran Confessional Church of Chile. In this event were made public relationships and swapped of information with others directors and executives of government and civil entities, which may contribute in different and various ways to our organization.DSC03278DSC03216

Participation of LHM at the annual meeting of the Lutheran Church of Chile

The 25th and 26th of May our Director, Mrs. Marianela Bravo was invited to attended as representative of CPTLN-LHM Chile, at the annual meeting in the Lutheran Church of Chile, in the congregation “Espiritu Santo” of Valparaíso city. In this event, she gave a report and a PowerPoint presentation to all the Reverends and leaders of every congregation and missions that were in this meeting. The presentation was about the activities, programs and work done in the last year.
In this event, were emphasized the support and contributions given by our Ministry Center-Chile to the Mission-Santiago and Mission-Maule of our country with Literature Programs, music and crafts for women. These programs, among others, have served to the development of our national Lutheran church and also for the diffusion of the Message of Hope of our Savior to all the people that doesn’t have a church. We thank to all the donors who makes possible this ministerial work in our country. Dear God we thank you for all your blessings.DSC03095DSC03115DSC03205