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A new volunteer of our Ministry Center-Chile

Beatriz Cendegui is a radio listener of our program: “Mejor Vivir” that is weekly broadcast in the community La Florida, in the city of Santiago.
She lives alone and she is single. For personal reasons she is with depression, therefore listening to the radio distracts her and she likes our program very much, specially the Messages of Hope.
Beatriz has contacted us and also she has requested a bible, besides she wants to be a volunteer and to cooperate with our Ministry-Center.
She sent us the next e-mail of gratitude. We thanks God to met Beatriz and that she can be part of our volunteers.

Mrs. Marianela:
I write to thank you for giving me the most beautiful gift I have received, because it has come in a really difficult time in my life, I know that God puts you in my path for some special reason, thank you for being my friend, a big hug in the Lord and also that He bless you to continue doing good as you has done so far.

A big Hug, farewell.
Beatriz Cendegui.IMG_1672 (4)

Bibles For Our Radio Program Auditors

On the month of July we delivered Bibles to some of our auditors of the radio program: “Mejor Vivir”.
These people ask for Bibles through phone calls to our radio program. These Bibles will be of great help to guide their lives knowing the God’s Word.IMG_1672 IMG_1673 IMG_1674 IMG_1676

Radio Program: “Mejor Vivir” Talk: Stimulation and Development During Infancy

On Wednesday 17th July, in our radio program: “Mejor Vivir”, was invited the volunteer Carolina Delgado, a pedagogy student, who talked about the topic: Stimulation and Development During Infancy. Highlighting that the essential base is always the family, giving support, respect and love to the children. Besides, we continue with the lecture of brochures “Educar para Vivir” and “Ser Padres”, (“Education for Living”, and “Being Parents”)DSC03449

Literature Program in Health Centers

Twice a week the staff of our Ministry Center Works with the literature program in two health center of the commune La Florida, in Santiago city, Chile. In this places we hand out the brochures to patients and their family. In these brochures we can find out orientation and prevention about social topics that affect many families, as: The Depression, Family Violence, alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Divorce, Living in Loneliness. Also the brochures have bible verses that makes the orientation to be completed. The people that received this help, express their gratitude, and ask for more information about our organization, and want to participate and know more about other programs of our Ministry Center.imagcs3

Radio Program: “Better Living”

Every Wednesdays the director of our Ministry Center, Mrs. Marianela Bravo with a volunteer does a radio program: “Better Living”, in the community radio: “El sol de la Florida”. In this radio program we read Hope messages, bible verses, and also we talk and we oriented about many family topics. The public has been responding in a positive way, we received phone calls from different people expressing and manifesting theirs appreciation and congratulations to our program. Soon we will deliver Bibles for the public that wanted to know more about the wonderful guide and the true worth of God.image003

Support programs for Jenny

Mrs. Jenny has requested brochures in the health center where we work every week, and she also has request the weekly program of sending text messages with Bible verses to her cellphone. She suffered a work accident which affected one of her legs.
This problem has impeded that she continues working and she has problems with her health, economic and family, so for these reasons she is depression. Mrs. Jenny is mother of two girls, and doesn’t count with the support of her husband.
Mrs. Jenny has talked with the Rev. Cristian Rautenbers who has provided spiritual counselor to give her comfort. She does not assist to any church.
In the last visited of Mrs. Jenny to our stand in the health center, she said: “Thank you for all the support that you give me, especially for the text messages because it has helped me a lot. I had received the texts in the right moment when I needed the most, and the texts have been encouraged to keep fighting. Please continue sending me this support”image001