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Visit the Director, Sra. Marianela Bravo of Ministry Center- Chile to Misión- Maule, city Talca

The Director of our Ministry participated of worship by that mission and also had the opportunity to consorting and share with the Pastor and members.fot456t4

Music Program: Guitar Lessons in Mission-Maule

This program has been developing weekly, on Fridays and Saturdays, with guitar lessons in the cities of Talca and Constitucion for teens who live near of these two missionary points, in the south of our country.
This program is supported and funded by our Ministry Center. The Rev. Omar Kinas is the responsible of spread the message of Hope, through devotionals to the people that go to these lessons.
Several people who are attending the lessons have been connected with the local mission of the place. The Rev. Pastor Kinas has manifested his gratitude and satisfaction for the developing of this program for the benefits of the mission which he leads. We thank God for the success of this musical program.DSCN6666 P1090980

Workshop: “Equipando a los Santos” (Preparing the Saints) to members of the Misssion-Maule, Talca city.

On Friday 9th August, was the first talk of the ETS workshop, “Equipando a Los Santos” (Preparing the Saints) to members of the Mission-Maule, in Talca city.
This Workshop was given by Marianela Bravo the Director of CPTLN-Chile, who was theological supported by the Rev. Omar Kinas, missionary of this mission point.
The audience showed great enthusiasm and active participation. We believe that with the help of God these volunteers will be of great support to the pastoral work in this mission, especially in the evangelism of our neighbor. We thank God to the realization of this beautiful event.hj3456 dcf056734 dcf786543

Special Event for a group of listeners of the Radio Program: “Mejor Vivir”

The 31st of July we did a special event with a group of listeners of our radio program: “Mejor Vivir”.
In this opportunity the Director of our Ministry Center said and explained to the people who came to this event, the objectives and goals of our organization: Giving the Message of Hope to the one that does not have church.
This event was really pleasant. The guests expressed appreciation of the invitation and some of them donated as an act of interest and cooperation.DSC03513 DSC03538

Talk of the Rev. Marcos Kempff to the staff of the Ministry Center

On 1 and 2 of July we had the pleasant visit of the Rev. Kempff to our Ministry center. The first day our Director talked about the programs and the work that the Ministry Center do in Chile.
The July 2 the Pastor Kempff gave talks and training to the staff of the Ministry Center, especially the next topics: La Depresión,  Violencia Intrafamiliar, Homosexualidad, Divorcio, Relación de  Padres  e hijos (Depression, Family Violence, Homosexuality, Divorce, Relationship between parents and children). This training will help to our staff to improve their knowledge about this social topics, and therefore to give a better advice and orientation to people.
We thank to Rev. Masco Kempff for all his cooperation and kindness.IMG_1665