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Conference of Response to the Disaster. September 2013, Santiago city.Chile

Between 12 and 15 September, we participated in representation of LHM- Chile to the First South American Conference of Disaster Response, supported by LCMS and organized by the Iglesia Luterana Confesional of Chile, in the city of Santiago, Chile . The theme was: Mercy and Action.conferencia 3 Conferencia 1 Conferencia 2

New Handicrafts Program for women in the Misión-Maule of Talca

On September 4, in the Mision-Maule, Talca city, it began to develop the handicraft course for women, supported by our Ministry Center. To this social evangelistic course there are attending 14 women of this mission point. The Rev. Omar Kinas that is in charge of this Mission, he is spread the message of Hope to all the women, in every session. This program is taught every Wednesday of every week. All the crafts that are made is really pretty and decorative. Congratulations and Blessings to all this wonderful group.

LHM- CHILECurso de  artesan­a  2 Curso de Artesan­a 1 curso de artesania 3