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Spreading the Gospel in The Reformation Day

In October the 29th to 31th, the Rev. Omar Kinas in charge of the Misión-Maule, in the city of Talca with members of this mission point exhibited a Stand in the public square with historic materials, Bibles, materials and brochures of LHM-Chile. This event was held for the celebration of a new anniversary of the Reformation Day. This work was welcomed by the visitors to the stand.ddedlr ddelr2

Craft Course Closure in Mission-Maule, Talca

The director of our Ministry Center Ms. Marianela Bravo visited the city of Talca, to participate in the closure of the craft course of women in this mission point. This course was supported by LHM. This special event was culminated with a certificate for all the participants. Furthermore, in this event was also a talk by a psychologist with the theme: Improving the quality life with healthy nutrition. The Rev. Omar Kinas, supported this theme with a Christian vision. It was a wonderful day of fraternization. Congratulations to all the participants. God give you a beautiful gift.ccamm ccamm2 ccamm3