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Special events for auditors of our radio program: Mejor Vivir

On November 29th the staff of our Ministry Center organized and carried out a special event with a group of audits of “Mejor Vivir” Radio Program.

In this event we count with the cooperation of a Nutritionist that spoke to the participants about healthy nutrition for the care of health. Also our staff spread the mission, objectives, and programs of our organization.programa radial 1 programa radial 3

Gratitude message for biblical passages text delivery to cell Phones

Two months ago, once a week, Lise has received in her cell phone, Bible verses sent by our Ministry Center. Lise is a mother and works hard, but she is going through difficult times. She sent to us her acknowledgments by an e-mail. We communicated with her to encourage her to continue to move forward. Let us pray that God cares for Lise and strengthen.
“I am thankful for the biblical scriptures that you have sent to me through my cellular phone, it gives the impression that God was talking to me just at that time. And as has happened that, I’d like to put me in a prayer. I searched if you had prayer request, but didn’t find it on your web site. I need that God to get my life in order; it not went very well for me at my work in the others people’s attitudes towards me. Thanks I need it, I am going through a difficult moment, only I trust in the Lord and in his opportune help”.mensaje celu

Literature Program: Publication of a new brochure: When the children leave

Portada - 01-01

Literature Program of LHM in Health Centers

Every week the staff of our Ministry Center works the program of literature in two health centers of our commune.
The staff delivers brochures to the patients and family of them. These brochures help to take decisions enjoyable to God about life and family. Also spreads the ideas of our organization and others programs to the patients and family.IMG_1845IMG_1840

Literature Program: Publication of a new brochure: Anxiety


Radio Program “Mejor Vivir”. LHM-Chile

In our radio program broadcast on October 30th participated as a special guest the Rev Cristian Rautenberd, president of the Iglesia Luterana Confesional of Chile. The theme of the conversation was the celebration of the Reformation Day (October 31th).
Every week we spread the messages of hopes, in our radio program, promoting our programs, objectives, and the mission of LHM. Thank God we have been well received by the auditors, who already follow us every week.IMG_1830 IMG_1833