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Children Project for Misión-Maule support by CPTLN-Chile

On December it began to develop the Children Project in Misión-Maule in its two mission points in Talca city and Constitución city. This program is focused, especially to the children of the neighborhood.

The activities are carried out on weekends with classes of Biblical school. Pastor Omar Kinas and members of the Misión-Maule are in charge of the development of this program. For Christmas the children participated in the program of the Live Crib of the two mission points. Is the desire of our Ministry Center, with the help of God, to continue support this program aimed specifically to children of the place. We thank to all the donors that make it possible to carry out programs such as this. 154624P1110461unn23amedunn45y



Award Christian Radio Program: “Mejor Vivir”

On December 14th 2013, Community Radio El Sol from La Florida made a special award event to different shows and programs that the radio set broadcasts.
On the Christian Shows category, our very own show Better Living (Mejor Vivir) got the first place. Preferences and voting procedures were completed by auditors. Our Director received a diploma and the award for this merit.
Second place was given to a show leaded by an Evangelic Pentecostal pastor, and the third place was given to a Catholic show.
The auditors’ preference for our show was very gratifying. We will continue to improve and enhance our radio show, so it can reach a lot more people, especially those who do not have our Savior within their hearts.prerad1prerad

Thank you message to the Donors

Mss. Verónica N. (60) joins her 87-year-old and severely ill mother to every medical control she has, which are held at the same place where we work weekly with our literature program. They have received several brochures, such as “Depression” and “Living in Loneliness”
Also, Mss. Veronica receives directly into her cell phone the biblical passages that we send weekly.
She has shared the following to us: “I feel so glad every time I get these biblical passages to my cel so I can share them with my mother. We are both very thankful to receive the word of god through this media, since we always get it when we need it most, when we need comfort. My mother has not attended church for many years now, and I know these brochures and the biblical passages are very thankful for her, spiritually. I thank you all for having these evangelical programs for people like us. Please keep on doing it!! I will gather some money, even if it is a small amount so I can help you with a donation for everything I have received. Thank you and all donors who make this possible. God bless you”.image001