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Hand out of Bibles to members from Lutheran Confesional Church of Chile, ILC

On March 11th came all the bibles sent by Lutheran Heritage Foundation from the storage of Sociedad Bíblica Chilena to our Ministry center. These bibles will be used and delivered in the spread of Gospel between all our responses and people interested in have them. Also these bibles will be offered to the Pastors of every missions, congregations of ILC and to the Lutheran school dependent of this ecclesiastical entity.DSC04503 DSC04509


Miss Heidi visited our Ministry Center to have the booklet: “Bulimia and Anorexia”. She suffers anorexia and depression and told us that 08 days ago she had not eaten any solid food.
Our Director talked to her to warn hem of the seriousness of this disease and the importance of the recovery of her health. Together we prayed to God for the health of Heidi.
The following Sunday Heidi attended to the worship at the Mission-Santiago and she also requested spiritual counseling with the missionary. We continue to pray for the health of Heidi and we will in contact with her.IMG_1911e

Meeting with pastor Eldor Hamann

On march  Pastor Eldor Hamann from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Valdivia city, visited our Ministry Center, meeting agreed previously with our Director. Pastor Hamann is interested in to work with our brochures in a special project with his ecclesiastical community. IMG_1948rreglada

Installation of Rev. Juan Pablo Lanterna

March 02, the Director of our Ministry Center-Chile, participated in the church service in the congregation “Espíritu Santo” of Valparaiso in the installation of Rev. Juan Pablo Lanterna.

Reverend Lanterna will be in charge of the Congregation Espiritu Santo of Valparaìso City and Congregation Lucero Morning city Quilpué, both congregations belonging to the Confessional Lutheran Church of Chile, ILC.DSC04505inspasDSC04496 (2)