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Title: Holy Dinner

On Thursday April 17th at 20:00 a.m. The Holy Dinner was carried out among members of the Misión-Santiago, ILC, and the responses of CPTLN-Chile. Pastor Rev. Cristian Rautenberg. Was in charge of the liturgy. The ceremony was reflective of the true meaning of Holy Week.
Thanks to God because your sons meet environment to your Word.DSC04528 IMG_1989

The Big Fire in Valparaíso city

Dear Brothers:
Greetings. Unfortunately another tragedy affected our country. Since just last Saturday, April 12 the city of Valparaiso has been devastated by wildfires that have hit the hills. This great fire of great magnitude came to the houses and their habitants. It was a huge tragedy, there are several people dead and missing. More than 2,000 people homeless.
Pastors of our Confessional Lutheran Church in Chile are forming a support team to go to the help of families. Thanks to God all the people of Chile are helping in this effort. Our Ministry Center in Chile, also will assist in this work.
Pray that Our Savior provides strength and encouragement to all these people who are unfortunately victims of this painful episode.a-uno-391008e incendio-valparaiso

Titule: Special Radio Program for Easter Week

A reading of Bible verses related with the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus.IMG_1923ej IMG_1924e

Earthquake in the north area of Chile

The day of April 1st the north of our country was affected by a major earthquake of 8.2 degrees in the Richter scale. The most affected cities were Iquique, Arica and places nearby. The pastors of the Lutheran Confessional Church Chile, ILC, traveled to the area to provide help and comfort to those affected by this tragedy. With God’s help our pastors want to continue working, helping and evangelizing, especially in the city of Iquique.
Calm is slowly returning to the people in the north of Chile. Prays to God to give the strength and encouragement to all those affected.huawei-y300 terremot456

Fraternization with radio speakers and auditors from El Sol De La Florida Radio

The Director of our Ministry Center, attended to a special event of fraternization organized by the Directors of Radio El Sol de la Florida. In this event participated radio speakers and auditors of this communal radio. This opportunity was beneficial to know our auditors and also to spread to these people our organization and programs.IMG_1928areg IMG_1934arregladra