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“Junta de Apoyo” (Board) of CPTLN-Chile

On August 20, at the offices of our Ministry Center -Chile the first meeting of the formation of “Junta de Apoyo”( Board) was held CPTLN-Chile.
The Director of our Ministry Center, Mrs. Marianela Bravo, gave a presentation of our organization, our objectives and mission of LHM-CPTLN to national level and globally. Besides she also showed the development and work of the different programs in our country.
The members of our “Junta de Apoyo” (Board) are: Mr. Fabricio Perez, Mrs. Fresia Fernández, Mr. Juan Foubert, Mrs. Miriam Medina and Mr. Leonardo González.
We thank them for all their kindness and cooperation with our Ministry Center-Chile. CPTLN-Chile.DSC05554 DSC05565 DSC05569

Help to a group of victim families of the Iquique`s earthquake in Chile

On August 14th to 18th the Director of our Ministry Center in Chile, traveled to Iquique city with Pastors and volunteers of the Confessional Lutheran Church of Chile (ILC).
This travel was carried out to visit a group of victim families of the Iquique earthquake that affected to this city about four months ago.
Besides were did activities for the children of the “Alto Hospicio” Encampment.
Joint with the pastors all group spread to Christ and his Message of Hope. This activity was enriching experience for all participants. Thank You God for allowing us to help these people in need of your Word.DSC05484 DSC05487 DSC05515 DSC05523

Request of a Bible from a victim of the great fire in the city of Valparaiso

In July we received a text message from a person who was affected by the Great Fire in Valparaiso (April 12, 2014), in this message the woman told us that she was very grateful for the text messages of Bible verses that she receives and despite of all the tragedy, she feels that God is with her and feels His presence. She also asked us for a Bible.
After hearing this story, the pastor Alejandro López of the congregation Viña del Mar went to visit this lady and gave the bible that she asked.
Our Ministry Center in Chile will continue supporting this group of families with our programs. Thank God for allowing us to help our neighbor.5469879 2013-05-22 13.48aaa