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Volunteer of the Radio Program “Mejor-Vivir”

Mrs. Fresia Fernández, counselor and coordinator of several health entities of the community of La Florida, participates every Wednesday of each week in our radio program called “Mejor-Vivir”. Mrs. Fernandez help in the radio broadcasting of this program reading Bible verses and spreading information of our programs and mission of our organization.

We appreciate the valuable help of this volunteer.

(107.3 FM Radio EL Sol de La Florida: Wednesday, from 12.00 hrs. to 13.00 hrs. PM)IMG_2f117

Chile’s Independence Day

Chile celebrates 204 years of its Independence Day on 18th September. To this date in all the country are being carrying traditional activities such as dancing the cueca, going to the fondas, Chilean rodeo, and to eat barbecues. Legal Holiday in Chile are on 18th and 19th September.Bandera_Bicentenario


John 6,35a


Radio Program “Mejor Vivir”

Every Wednesday we are still broadcasting our “Mejor Vivir” radio program on the local radio station “El Sol de la Florida” 107.3 FM.
The reading of Bible verses is well received by our auditors. During the hour that our program is broadcasting, several auditors have called us by phone, live, and they accompany us with the Bible reading from their home. We thank God for giving us the opportunity to spread His Word through this medium.
We will continue informing you about the news of our radio program.IMG_2117


Psalm 4,8