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29 Octubre

Work together with brothers volunteers from St. Louis USA

The group of volunteers’ brothers from St. Louis, together with the staff of CPTLN-Chile, and pastor Cristian Rautenberg handed out flyers and brochures, also they attended to different people in the CPTLN-Chile´s booth located in a high traffic street in our community. DSC06521small 001002003

Literature Program at Health Center

Working together staff of CPTLN-Chile and volunteers’ brothers from St. Louis, USA. In hand out of brochures with family subjects and prevention at Health Center in the community.
We are grateful to the all group of volunteers´ brothers visitor from the congregations St. John and Christ Memorial for all the support, work and generosity gave during their stay in Chile.DSC06506small DSC06509small

Visit of the brothers from St. Louis USA

Between on October 18th and 25th, a group of 10 brothers from the Congregations St. John and Christ Memorial in the city of St. Louis of USA are visiting the Misión-Santiago and our Ministry Center in Chile. These brothers were invited by the Confessional Lutheran Church of Chile, through of the President Rev. Cristian Rautenberg.
Together we have worked with these brothers’ volunteers with the literature program at the health center and a point with high trafficking of people in our community.
We are grateful to these brothers the support and cooperation with the work of our Ministry Center.DSC06550small DSC06564small


orange fruit tree before harvest Spain

Chat about Healthy Eating

On October 15th in our Ministry Center there was a chat about with the subject “Healthy eating”, it was in charges of nutritionist Miss Katherine Fuentes.
To this meeting was attended by a group of women coordinators of different entities of the commune of La Florida and also people responses of our programs. We would like to continue with these chats about “Healthy eating” helping in the prevention of obesity in children, youth and adults of our population.
In all these meetings we were showed the mission of our organization and promotion of all our programs.IMG_2166 IMG_2168