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24 Junio ingles

Literature Program

To order from our free brochure collection, please complete the form of http://www.cptln.cl/contacto/.

Vivir con optimismo” (“Living with Optimism”)

This brochure is oriented to motivate us to see life in a positive way, focus all what we do with joy. Find out that even in the bad situations are good to become a better person.foll1

Father’s Day

17 Junio ingles

The Word is clear, live, true and beautiful

Text Messaging Program to cell phones.

The responses of joy and happiness of the people to answer to text messaging program with Bible verses to cell phones, are still surprising us.

This is one of the programs that have allowed us to work directly in spreading the Gospel. Besides, this program has connected the pastors of our Church with victims of the earthquake and fire, incidents involving the cities of Iquique and Valparaiso. These messages are sent once a month and we add all the contacts made in the city of Santiago by our Ministry Center. In the the periods of June 2014 to May 2015 we sent 9840 messages.

Thanks to all the donors, Board, Director and staff of LHM International for the support and especially thanks to our Savior who has allowed us to develop our ministerial work in Chile, spreading the Message of Hope through this program.0099901 Agradecimientos mensajes


10 junio ingles


03 Junio Ingles