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Messaging Program


Thank you for your Prayers.

Dear brothers in faith and friends,

Thank you for all your prayers for the victims of the earthquake of the past September 16th.

Now the situation is more calmed in the cities which were affected by the tremor and tsunami. The local authorities and government are helping to all the people damaged in different areas. Families and affected people do everything that is possible to get back and rebuild their homes.

Keep praying to God for all of them.


New earthquake in Chile

The past September 16th, Chile was shaken by 8.4 magnitude earthquake; its epicenter of the quake was located 36 kilometers west of the municipality of Canela, at a depth of 11 kilometers. IV Region. Since that day there have been more that 500 tremors. Proceeded by a tsunami which hit the costs of the country, at least thirteen people are dead, six disappear and more than 1500 damaged.

Thanks to God, our staff of the Ministry Center is good with their families. Also the brothers in faith and Pastors of the congregations and missions are out of danger. We feel the pain of our compatriots affected by this new tragedy. We keep praying to our Lord so He continues giving us the strength and encouragement to all Chilean people in these difficult circumstances.



Independence Day

Independence Day, also known informally as “The Eighteen”, is a Chilean celebration that is held annually on September 18th and 19th. It is to commemorate the formation of Chile as an independent nation state of the Spanish Crown, 205 years ago.

Currently, the celebration of the Independence Day is one of the most popular celebrations in Chile. The typical traditions of national identity that make up the so-called “Chilean way”, particularly the Chilean folklore is usually highlighted. The “fondas” are installed at this time as entertainment center, combining music, dance and traditional home meals. Among the official activities, the Chilean authorities also celebrate the Te Deum Ecumenical and military parade.


LHM / LHM-Chile


Meeting of the board of LHM-CHILE

On Wednesday, September 9th, 2015. The  Director of our Ministry Center Mrs. Marianela Bravo had a meeting with three members of the Board of our organization.

At that meeting the Director presented Power Point presentation with the activities, projects, goals, raising local income and reports of the last three months.

We appreciate the kind participation in this meeting to Mrs. Miriam Medina, Mrs. Isabel Concha and Mr. Leonardo González.









New Program: Reach of Young people in the city of Santiago.

Our Ministry Center LHM-Chile is in the stage of development of a project for a new youth program in the city of Santiago.

This project is in charge by the Director of Chile CPTLN LHM- Mrs. Marianela Bravo and the second missionary of Misión- Santiago, Rev. Jaime Tino.

As a first step, he invited a group of young people to find out their concerns, problems and challenges. This meeting was very rewarding and enriching for the project managers.

We will be reporting on new developments of this beautiful project.

Thanks Constanza, Pia and Matías and Gabriel.


September: “Month of the Bible”

If you want The Bible Reina Valera Contemporánea RVC (Spanish Bible), ask it in: en CPTLN- Chile.



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