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Bible Verse of the week

30 Marzo ingles

Bible Verse of the week

23 Marzo ingles

Spiritual Retreat (Misión-Maule)

 The Ministry Center contributed financially to the spiritual retreat of the two missions in Maule: Talca and Constitución. This retreat occurred on March 19th, the members of these missions made a barbecue and had a religious service held by the Pastor Manuel Fischerform Argentina and the Pastor Omar Kinas in Charged of the two local missions.

1661783_1287623487931170_5844647520073057961_n 10320409_1287583944601791_7449736169381374272_n 11168013_1287583961268456_2409625976306477165_n 67824_1287621731264679_8332085408963153274_n 535151_1287584277935091_4471895279100217168_n 993078_1287621631264689_6897087203407107108_n

Work meeting for “Outreach – Youth of Santiago” project.

We are working on the creation of a special program named “Outreach- Youth of Santiago”.

Reunión Programa Jóvenes

In the picture above are Cony, Matias and Oscar, Gustavo (who are from the company which is advising us on the development of this project).

Bible Verse of the week

16 Marzo ingles

Member of the Board did her confirmation of faith.

On March 6, 2016; Mrs. Isabel Concha made her confirmation of faith in the Misión-Santiago. Isabel is an active volunteer of our Ministry Center, she is a member of the Board of LHM-CPTLN Chile and co-announcer on the radio program “Mejor Vivir”.

In this religious ceremony were the family of Isabel and brothers of the Misión-Santiago. We are very happy to have a new sister in our church.


Confirmación Isabel Concha 2 Confirmación Isabel Concha 1


Bible Verse of the week

09 Marzo ingles