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Participation in the “Misiones para Chile” Forum (Missions for Chile)

On May 23rd to 25th, our director Mrs. Marianela Bravo, in representation of CPTLN-Chile, participated in this forum organized by the ILC. We had the company of Mr. Paulo Warth, Counselor of South America. In these three days, ILC gave information about their congregations, missions and Lutheran Schools. On our part, the director Mrs. Marianela Bravo presented a PowerPoint with information about the programs, works, challenges and donations of our organization.


Participation in the 5th Anniversary of Misión-Maule

On May 15th our director Mrs. Marianela Bravo, went to Talca to participate in the 5th anniversary of the Misión-Maule. In this event, also she could fraternized with Pastors, leaders and members of the national church.


Radio program “Mejor Vivir”

This was the last month that we will broadcast this radio program. In this radio program, we read Bible verses, talk about the Message of Hope and did all the possible so the auditors can refuge in Christ.


Unfortunately, we have failed in make connections. We know that many sick people listen to this program from their homes; especially the elderly people and many of them only once a week hear the Word of God through our program.

As Director I feel sorry to have to end this radio program, which has been broadcasting for 04 years.


Happy Mother’s Day!!

Pink tulips for mother's day