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Happy Children’s Day!

This month was the “Children’s day” in our country. It is a beautiful date to pamper kids and we wanted to be part of this special celebration, handing a gift bag in the missions of Maule and Santiago.

In the gift bag had candies, tiny toys and most importantly a small tale about some stories of the Bible. For us it is very important to encourage the love and knowledge of God’s word.

We are very happy to celebrate with the children of our church.


Let’s Dance!

On July began the dance workshop: “Body and Soul”. That it is supported by our Ministry Center with the implements for the classes.

So as David Bowie said: “Put on your red shoes and dance the blues, Let’s Dance!” we invited to all the neighbors of the missional point of Maipú district, to put their shoes and dance with us.

We hope this program help to overcome the sedentary lifestyle of the women in this district.


Sharing with Mrs. Balbina and Mr. Sergio

One of the characteristic of the Holistic Program is to help families with economic necessities and try to help them with a package of goods. This month we had once again visit Mrs. Balbina and her husband Sergio. They have 82 years old, they live alone and are a beautiful couple who help and protect each other. We gave them a package of goods and read together bible verses.

We will continue visiting poor families who need help. But also we want to incorporated Pastors and members of the church in our labor, so we can help more families of our city.