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Picture of the Day


Helping in the Church Growth

LHM/CPTLN-Chile continues supporting the Misión-Maipú and its growth with a stand and publicity panel in the square near the Mission. Here we offer our materials to people who are passing by and provide information of the activities of our organization and this mission.


Chile’s Independence day.

Today is Chile´s Independence day!. And we want to celebrate this special day with you!.

Some information about our Independence day: The fiestas patrias (literally “patriotic parties”) are a time for all Chileans to gather together and celebrate their country, culture, and independence. Celebrations of all things Chilean center on their independence day.

Chileans celebrate their independence on the 18th of September. Their road to independence from Spain started on that date in 1810. Although they would have to fight for eight more years to earn their total freedom, Chile celebrates the 18th of 1810 with great fanfare. Chile officially proclaimed independence February 12, 1818.

The 18th, or “dieciocho,” is celebrated during a week full of fiestas patrias. This includes parades, dances, drinking, eating traditional Chilean food, and music.

Parades include huasos, the traditional Chilean cowboys, music, and displays of national pride.

¡Viva Chile!


Trifold with our activities and programs

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Annual Ladies Meeting!

On August was the annual Lutheran Ladies meeting of our church in Chile. LHM/CPTLN-Chile went to this  event and gave a presentation about the programs and activities of our office, so more people can know and be involved in our mission. There we encouraged them to collaborate and volunteer in the work of LHM-Chile. Besides, of asking for donations in the special worship of LHM-Chile (That will be on August 28th).
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