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We have moved!!!

We spent nine excellent years in Froilán Roa street, where we met wonderful people and had very good experiences … but everything must change!.

We are pleased to announce that our new office is located at: 288 Los Quillayes street. Soon we will give you information about our inauguration.



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Lutheran Hour Ministries’ 100th Anniversary Celebration

This past weekend we were so blessed to have celebrated 100 years  of the Lutheran Hour Ministries, with everyone at Union Station in St. Louis. Our Director went to this amazing event and represented Chile, showing our programs and work, but also talking about our cultural and wearing our traditional costume of “Huasa Elegante”.

We hope and pray God to be more years to celebrate the Lutheran Hour Ministries and we can “Bringing Christ to the Nations-and the Nations to the Church”.

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Picture of the Day


Knowing the community of the city of Talca

Our Ministry Center gave a stand and a publicity panel to Misión-Talca, so they can work in the public square, give materials and information about the mission and our Ministry. The panel will serve as a way to be more attractive to the public.

On September they worked with the Pastor Omar Kinas, Deaconess Viviana Valenzuela and people of the community.

We pray that more people can be interested in the programs of our Ministry Center and the Misión-Talca.img-20160922-wa0002

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