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Merry Christmas!!!




New Videos

We are excited to share with you our new videos:


New brothers in Faith, Carlos and Juan!!

On  November, the confirmation of faith of Carlos and Juan was held at the La Luz de Cristo church, in the city of Santiago.

We met Carlos at the Health Office where we work weekly. He is 75 years old and all his life he participated in a catholic church. He was invited to participate in the Bible studies in the designated church and thanks to God, he continued to study to become our brother in Faith.

Juan, also an older adult, is Isabel’s husband, a volunteer of our organization, he was agnostic. But, after a while he became interested in to knowing more about the Word. He came to Bible studies that led him to become our brother in the Faith. We are very happy for all this and we thank our Lord for facilitating this process. Blessings for Carlos and Juan.


Do you Live Stressed?!?!?!?!

As part of our “Mi Camino” program, we gave a free talk to help our community, especially those living in the big city of Santiago, the talk was about: “How to Control Stress”.

The speaker was the psychologist Ms. Mandy Riquelme, who presented in an interesting and attractive way this topic to all those who attended this event.
Now, we have effective tools to fight this complex evil that afflicts our society.
It is important to be informed so that we can live more relaxed and see life with more optimism.