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About Us

We are a Christian non profit organization that disseminates the message of Jesus to all social groups regardless of religious beliefs.

It is our desire to deliver to all people the Christian message full of hope for the daily living and give to know God´s goodness and his forgiveness.

Our Goal is help to reflect to who need it, on different topics, providing a Christian orientation and values.

To this, we produce and distribute Christian materials such as Brochures, newspaper articles, bible courses by correspondence, reflexions, videos, and others who contribute to our goal.

We develop this work, because we believe that in Jesus Christ is the true meaning of life and because we are interested in share the immense love of God with those who still do not know him.

We sustain us whit the voluntary contribution of people that believe in the value of this work, and want to contribute to improve the quality of life with those who need this message.

For more information, contact us by calling or sending your comments and will be a pleasure to serve.

Our LocationAddress: Froilán Roa Street
N° 6.665. La Florida – Santiago – Chile.

Phone: (56) 22283 2915
E-mail:  cptln@cptln.cl

Web:  www.cptln.cl

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