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New brochure “Aprendiendo a Vivir” (Learning to Live Better)

This new brochure will help people to believe in a better life and face reality. Trusting in God we all have an insuperable and eternal life.

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Phone: 2 2283 2915

We are waiting for you!Aprendiendo a Vivir

Literature Program

New brochure “Aprendiendo a Vivir” (“Learning to live”)

Soon will have a new brochure called “Aprendiendo a Vivir” (“Learning to live”). We hope that you and your friends request this brochure.prog-liter

Literature Program

To order from our free brochure collection, please complete the form of http://www.cptln.cl/contacto/.

Vivir con optimismo” (“Living with Optimism”)

This brochure is oriented to motivate us to see life in a positive way, focus all what we do with joy. Find out that even in the bad situations are good to become a better person.foll1

Literature Program: Publication of a new brochure: When the children leave

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Literature Program: Publication of a new brochure: Anxiety


Literature Program: Publication of a new brochure: Bulimia and Anorexia

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Educate for Life

The education is a very important theme.  Of her great part depends of what happen in our life.  Through her we develop our capacities, we know the way of life and the culture of our society, and we receive the media and tools to live and to develop us in relation to other people.

Besides, it is a theme that, of one or another way, in some moment of our life worries us, whether because we think about our education, or in the education that we desire for our children.

Worry that is seen reflected in a series of questions that we are used to doing:  We are taking advantage of the possibilities of growth that have?  We are educating us in all the areas of our life?  We are educating well our children?  We are offering him all the love and comprehension that need for his development?

And perhaps also, many of us we have us, or we are asking us, ¿that serves to have education? Or perhaps, some they go a little beyond and they were asked:  What is to have education?

In this brochure we want to be in charge of these and other questioning on the education that surely, they are, they were, and they will be part of our life.  But we want to be in charge of the theme, not only since the pedagogical aspect, but also since the spiritual aspect, since is God, the creator of the universe, who the life gives us, the capacity to develop us and to be happy in the same one; and who gives us the children and the capacity to accompany them in their growth.