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Ana and María

Imagine how difficult can be for a person with depression to try interact with others, now imagine if that person is suffering several illnesses that keep them isolated and alone, feeling like an outsider. That is what Ana and María feel every day. A mother and daughter living a solitary life, with almost no friends and no more family. They said: “this started when we began to get sick, after one and other illness, our only different companion where doctors and nurses”. It all happen gradually and then suddenly.

After some years they were afraid to leave their home, and do others activities (besides of going to the hospital) because they feared of having to talk and interact with people. María said to us that she thought that people would mock her and that single thought made her anxious. So, when she saw the posters of our brochures: “Depression” and “Anxiety”, she plucked up the courage to speak with us and ask for the brochures.

At first, she hardly spoke, but after while she told us her story. Our staff tried to help them and to integrate them into different activities, such as talks, meetings with women, Christmas events, and others. In order to distract them, and to have healthy social relations, thus breaking the hermetic circle of the solitude that surrounded them.

Through the reading of the Word, they have known the Message of Hope, which has given them strength and encouragement.

Now, she and her mother are faithful volunteers and cooperate in small tasks. We are glad because Ana and María feel more optimistic, happier, and can see life as a wonderful gift from God.

New brothers in Faith, Carlos and Juan!!

On  November, the confirmation of faith of Carlos and Juan was held at the La Luz de Cristo church, in the city of Santiago.

We met Carlos at the Health Office where we work weekly. He is 75 years old and all his life he participated in a catholic church. He was invited to participate in the Bible studies in the designated church and thanks to God, he continued to study to become our brother in Faith.

Juan, also an older adult, is Isabel’s husband, a volunteer of our organization, he was agnostic. But, after a while he became interested in to knowing more about the Word. He came to Bible studies that led him to become our brother in the Faith. We are very happy for all this and we thank our Lord for facilitating this process. Blessings for Carlos and Juan.


Member of the Board did her confirmation of faith.

On March 6, 2016; Mrs. Isabel Concha made her confirmation of faith in the Misión-Santiago. Isabel is an active volunteer of our Ministry Center, she is a member of the Board of LHM-CPTLN Chile and co-announcer on the radio program “Mejor Vivir”.

In this religious ceremony were the family of Isabel and brothers of the Misión-Santiago. We are very happy to have a new sister in our church.


Confirmación Isabel Concha 2 Confirmación Isabel Concha 1


Program Literature

Request our brochures  Ministry – Chile with family issues and other topics.

New Hope in Christ.

Isabel told us: “Many years I was searching the mysteries of the Lord, but as I progress in knowledge I was getting away from Him and His truth. One day my younger little daughter became seriously ill, and then after much struggle, she went to meet with God, but the Lord had touched me the shoulder, I prayed for finding His guidance inside me and came to the office of CPTLN to solicit a Bible. Marianela attended me and offered a bible course of the Word: “Hacia una Nueva Vida”. That’s how again I was near Christ. All these change my discouragement for a Hope in the New Goods of God. Now I’m attending to all the religious services of Misión-Santiago and study for the confirmation of Faith”.


Taken by the Hand of God

Divorced, 55 years old, childless, employed as a domestic worker, teacher of the Bible School in a Christian church.

We met Silva in the year 2013 in a Health Fair in our district. In that opportunity she took the brochure “Crisis de Pareja” (Couple’s crisis). At that time, Silvia was having a difficult time in her life, because her husband left the house and she was left alone. Silvia

Silvia was recovered and strengthened. She began to write a book related her experience of single woman. Many of our brochures have helped her in this task.

Since 2013, she has followed faithfully by contacting our Ministry Center. Silvia is also part of the text messaging program and has participated in Bible studies and events of our Ministry.

Silvia is a wonderful person who believes that Jesus Christ is their only Savior and that’s why she sees and lives life with hope and optimism.silv

Marriage and Baptism

Ayelen and Nicolás joined their lives together before the eyes of God on March 28th. The bride, Ayelen, was our first secretary/assistant of the Ministry Center in the year 2008, moreover she still continues collaborating as a volunteer. Since that time Ayelen and her family started to active participate in our church and became a member in 2009.

Three years ago the first daughter of the couple was baptize in our mission and now in this beautiful occasion, in the same day of their marriage by the church, was the baptism of their second child.

God Bless this new and beautiful family. Congratulations!Boda Ayelen